Emergency Care Deer Park, TX

Our emergency room near you provides a full range of medical services, including:

  • Chest pain and heart attacks: we are equipped to perform EKGs to detect issues in the heart
  • Abdominal pain: includes cramps and pains in any area of the abdomen
  • Dehydration
  • Sprains and broken bones: with our digital x-ray services, we can assess damage and offer treatment for sprains, fractures, and broken bones
  • Asthma and breathing issues
  • Burns
  • Urinary tract infections: we offer on-site laboratory services to diagnose bacterial infections including urinary tract infections
  • Rashes, insect bites, and stings
  • Pneumonia
  • Allergic reactions: our on-site diagnostic testing can provide information on allergic conditions

Our services are provided to both adults and children 24/7. We have a pharmacy on the premises, so your whole family can receive both the medical services and treatment they need in one place. We accept all commercial insurance and can work with you on insurance and billing to make your medical experience as stress-free as possible. Our rates are comparable to hospital ER rates, and we are able to transfer patients to local ERs as needed. We aim to provide prompt service, with a short waiting period (we have more exam rooms than the average ER), and same-day testing and results.

If you or one of your loved ones is facing a medical emergency regarding one of the above issues, or any emergency at all, please contact our emergency room near you to get more information, or visit us right now for the best emergency care in Deer Park! We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that we can best meet your needs for emergency care in Deer Park, TX.




At Community Health 1st ER, we are equipped and trained to treat a variety of conditions. We guarantee that you will receive emergency care in Deer Park, TX in a compassionate manner and in as comfortable an environment as possible. We are licensed and regulated by the state of Texas to provide emergency services 24 hours a day, separate from a hospital. Compared to hospital ERs, which are severely overcrowded and understaffed, at Community Health 1st ER, you can be seen almost immediately by a board-certified physician. This can be a reassuring guarantee, particularly in times of emergency. We want to provide personalized care for all of our patients, because we know how important your health is.

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We Work With All Commercial & Private Insurance (No Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare Accepted)