Fact or Fiction? 3 Things to Know About Freestanding Emergency Rooms

Jan 29, 2020

If you’re faced with a medical emergency, you’re likely to visit your local hospital’s emergency room to get assistance.

However, a freestanding emergency room can also provide you with accurate and fast care, depending on the circumstances of your condition. There are a lot of rumors circulating about these types of emergency rooms, but they actually provide a helpful service to people who are in need.

Read on to discover three crucial things to know about a freestanding ER so you can decide if they’re right for you.

1. A Freestanding Emergency Room May Give You Faster Service Than a Hospital

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If you or a loved one is facing a medical emergency, you can’t afford to sit idly by in a waiting room. A traditional hospital is typically situated in a highly-populated area close to major cities and public transportation. This can lead to long wait times and inadequate care.

When you visit a standard ER, you will probably notice that the waiting room is packed full of people. A freestanding emergency room is typically smaller and there are more of them scattered throughout the area.

With more locations to choose from and a smaller crowd of people, you can get faster care at most freestanding emergency rooms. The smaller building and more remote location mean that there is usually a lower amount of patients waiting for care.

Time is of the essence when it comes to a physical ailment or other medical problems. You can’t afford to sit and wait for hours just to be seen by a healthcare professional. Using a freestanding ER can mean the difference between relief and seemingly endless minutes or hours of needless suffering.

Look for your nearest freestanding emergency room so you can find it quickly when you need it. It’s a great alternative to the traditional hospital and you will probably be seen much faster. During peak flu and cold season, your wait times could be longer, but they should still be much shorter than a hospital emergency room in most cases.

2. You’ll Get More Individualized Attention

In a busy hospital, doctors and specialists can become overwhelmed which limits their time and ability to give each patient the care and attention they need. Unfortunately, this leaves many people with unanswered questions or a feeling that they did not receive the care they needed and deserved.

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In a freestanding emergency room, you’ll get better care with doctors and nurses who have the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. These doctors are able to sit down with you and talk to you about your medical issues in order to make a proper diagnosis, give you the right prescriptions, and make recommendations for any future care.

Many doctors work exclusively at one freestanding ER or through one network of freestanding emergency rooms. That means that they’re dedicated to the company they work for as well as the patients they treat. It also makes billing patients a much more streamlined process.

Whether your medical issue is extremely dire or mild, it’s important to be able to talk with your doctor about the problem in order to get good advice. When you or the doctor are rushed, the care you receive is what ultimately suffers.

If you have the time, jot down some questions for the doctor before you are seen. This will make the process go faster and it will ensure that all of your concerns are addressed so you walk away feeling good about the care you get.

3. You’ll Have Access to Everything a Hospital ER Has

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One common rumor about freestanding emergency rooms is that they don’t have the same equipment and tools that a traditional hospital has. That’s one reason many patients still choose to go to a hospital instead of a freestanding ER. Contrary to these rumors, a freestanding ER has the same equipment needed to treat and stabilize patients that a hospital has. They also have the same tools, supplies, and cardiac monitoring as well as the ability to give patients IV treatment as needed.

You might not have access to some testing equipment at a freestanding ER, but it’s usually something that would require a specialist in any case. Patients will actually have faster access to lab results, x-rays, and other imaging in a freestanding ER thanks to the shorter wait times and easy accessibility.

There are no surgeons or blood banks at a freestanding emergency room, but doctors can still refer and admit patients whenever it’s needed. In fact, most patients are admitted in less time when they go to a freestanding ER first. 

Another perk to a freestanding emergency room is that most have a pharmacy located on the premises. If you’re given a prescription, you can simply have it filled right there in the freestanding ER rather than having to make a separate trip to the drug store.

Consider a Freestanding ER for Your Medical Needs

Now that you know the facts about a freestanding emergency room, it’s something you should consider for your next medical emergency. With shorter wait times and dedicated doctors, you’ll get the individualized care that you need to stay healthy and happy.

Most freestanding ERs have the same tools, equipment, and other crucial things that a traditional hospital has. Find a freestanding ER near you so you can go there if you need to. To learn more about our emergency room or to find a location near you, visit our website today. 

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