CH1ER is a Free Standing Emergency Room which means we are licensed and regulated by the state of Texas to provide Emergency Services 24 hours a day, separate from a hospital. Hospital EDs are severely overcrowded and understaffed with unacceptable wait times to be seen by a healthcare provider. At CH1ER, not only will you be seen immediately in most instances, you will always be seen by a Board Certified Physician.

The costs for our services are essentially the same as those for a visit to the hospital ED. You will be required to pay your ER co‐pay as specified in your insurance plan, along with any unsatisfied annual deductible still outstanding.

With onsite digital X‐Rays, CT scans, Ultrasound, EKGs and in‐house Laboratory, our highly trained professionals treat patients of all ages for any emergency you may have. If you think you have an emergency medical condition we can treat you the same as the hospital ED, only much quicker and in a more comfortable environment.

An Urgent Care Center is best described as a doctor’s office with extended office hours equipped to handle your non‐life threatening, non‐emergent medical conditions. Many Urgent Care Centers are staffed by Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners who simply cannot treat emergency trauma. The Free Standing ER is licensed and regulated by the state of Texas, must be open 24/7 and have ER trained physicians onsite to treat patients.

Although we are not currently contracted with any health plans, both Federal and State laws require your insurance carrier to process your ER visit utilizing “in network” benefit levels. CH1ER does not balance bill any patient and your out of pocket expense will be the same as a hospital ED visit.

Unfortunately, Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare do not recognize Free Standing Emergency Rooms, and therefore do not provide benefits for these visits today. If you have coverage under one of these plans, we can provide services as a “Prompt Pay Patient” with signed waivers (you will be responsible for full payment and cannot legally file a claim later).

We do our best to make our services affordable for all patients. We can offer you “Prompt Pay”rates for your services and accept all major credit cards, cash and personal checks.

Just like the hospital ED visit, you will receive a bill from the physician group for the doctor’s services and one from the facility for all other ancillary services provided.

CH1ER has transfer agreements in place with multiple hospitals in our area. If necessary, we will coordinate your admit and transport if needed (you will not have to been seen again at the hospital ED).

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