Pediatric Emergency Care: Safeguarding Your Child’s Health

Feb 6, 2020

When your child is injured or suddenly becomes ill, we understand that finding help right away is a top priority. Therefore, our emergency room in Deer Park features pediatric care for all children, from infants to teenagers. Whether your child is injured from playing sports, suffered a fall, or a cold turns into something more serious over the weekend, our staff can treat a wide array of emergency medical issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from minor to serious emergencies.

Services We Offer 

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Because most injuries and acute illnesses can happen suddenly, we understand the importance of being able to offer immediate treatment at any time. When you arrive at our emergency room, our staff will evaluate, diagnose, and treat your child from a variety of medical injuries, including the following:

  • Respiratory problems stemming from a sudden or chronic illness (such as asthma) 
  • Broken bones 
  • Burns 
  • Head or tissue trauma from falls or other accidents 
  • Persistent fever 

Because some of these issues can threaten your child’s life, we understand that immediate treatment can mean the difference between ongoing trauma and the cessation of pain. This can be especially important for young children who are generally more sensitive to the results of an accident or illness.

The Importance of a 24-Hour Emergency Room 

Accidents and sudden illness can happen at any time, including in the middle of the night, during the weekend and even on holidays. It’s also important to have somewhere to turn to when your child is in pain and your regular pediatrician’s office is closed. Our staff is on stand-by all day to protect your child’s health, no matter the problem. This can help you avoid the stress and worry of having to wait until a doctor’s office is open, especially if your child is having trouble breathing or running a high fever.

Traditionally, emergency rooms often come with extended wait times, even for those that allow you to call ahead. This can increase feelings of stress and anxiety in your child, especially if he or she is experiencing extreme pain. Our facility strives to meet and evaluate our patients as soon as possible so treatment can begin quickly.

This swift response can reduce the chances of a more severe reaction to symptoms of an illness, including fever, cough, and other types of respiratory distress.

What To Expect Upon Arrival 

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When you first arrive at our emergency room in Deer Park, you and your child will be greeted by our compassionate and experienced staff members who will do their best to evaluate your child’s condition quickly and efficiently.

Side effects and symptoms will be gauged and treated, such as vomiting, pain, and lethargy. For example, if your child is suffering from dehydration due to the flu, our staff can start an IV or administer oral fluids to slow the effects.

Not only will we care for and evaluate your child’s condition when you first arrive, but we also strive to offer you, the parent or guardian, peace of mind. We understand that when your child is in distress or pain, it can be stressful for you as well, so we try to tackle your fears with a swift diagnosis and compassionate care to reunite you with your child as soon as possible.

Treating Immediate Distress at our 24 HR Emergency Room

Some types of illnesses require immediate intervention as they might place your child’s life in imminent danger. One common emergency we treat are allergic reactions that stem from a variety of issues:

  • Bee stings 
  • Food allergies 
  • Contact (skin) allergies 

Depending on the severity of the allergic reaction, your child may suffer breathing problems and swelling of the face and tongue, both of which could be dangerous in a child of any age.

Caring for Families

Our staff’s dedication to compassion and understanding does not stop at patient care.

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We also keep the feelings of families in mind when treating pediatric emergencies. Parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles who accompany a child to our emergency room will be treated with sympathy and care and given reassurance to what type of treatment the child will receive.

We also do our best to provide a calming and comfortable environment for those visiting or waiting to hear about a child’s condition, as we understand that when accidents or illness can happen at any time, you may need to bring your other children along with you when you visit. Traditional emergency rooms are often noisy and crowded, which can add stress to a situation where your child may already be upset or in pain.

We try to minimize this problem by controlling the environment of our ER, reducing noise and creating comfortable surroundings. This can offer you increased peace of mind as well as you try to comfort your child.

A Wide Array of Treatment Options For All Pediatric Emergency Issues

When the cause of your child’s pain is not obvious, such as severe abdominal pain, it can be difficult for you to treat it with home remedies or over-the-counter medications. Bringing him or her to our facility can help shed light on the problem as we use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to make a detailed diagnosis, whether it is to pinpoint a stomach virus or appendicitis.

Once your child is diagnosed, our staff will discuss several different avenues of treatment that can include oral or intravenous medications, how we plan to avoid complications, and whether your child might need future treatment. This information can help you understand your child’s injury or illness better and may allow you to plan effectively for the future. We also offer same-day testing so we can diagnose and evaluate your child’s illness faster and put a treatment plan in place as soon as possible.

Reach Out Today 

Here at Community Health 1st ER can give you somewhere to turn when your child becomes ill or injured. From serious trauma from an accident to sudden illnesses, our facility has the means to offer compassionate care, quick results, and effective follow-up care.

Call us today at (346) 954-6007 for more information about our services.

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