Safety Concerns with Broken Bones

May 23, 2019

Broken bones can be a difficult thing to live with, making emergency care in Deer Park, TX a necessity. Community Health 1st ER believes every patient care event emergency. Our facility is equipped with advanced equipment and experienced nurses that can diagnose and treat broken bones as well as other injuries you may have sustained.

man with a broken leg ch1er

When it involves a broken leg, things can become increasingly difficult. When the leg is broken mobility is decreased, which can cause the condition to worsen. There is an increased risk of blood clots, infections, and severe pain.

Safety Precautions

When dealing with a broken leg, or any other broken bone, it is important to make sure you get adequate rest and stay safe during the duration of treatment. If there is an emergency of any kind, don’t hesitate to seek emergency care in 77536 from a medical professional in your area. Our urgent care facility can help you protect your limbs from further injury and trauma, but here are some things you can do as well, such as:

If you find yourself helping a loved one or elderly patient with a broken limb, practice compassion and patience during this traumatic time. Losing mobility can cause significant distress, so do your best to remain supportive and understanding.

  • Take prescribed medications on time
  • Keep the limbs positioned appropriately
  • Follow the treatment plan your doctor has ordered

You can try adding protein to your diet to promote healing and give your body the rest it needs. If you are in pain, pain management is encouraged. Medication can be used to make sure you are comfortable and able to relax during your healing period. As long as you are happy and comfortable, your recovery will be speedy, and you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

Our goal is to make sure your pain is taken care of and you are comfortable while receiving treatment for your broken leg or injury. The staff at our urgent care center is happy to help you or your loved one get healthier and stronger.

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