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At Community Health 1st ER, in our effort to provide you with quality, prompt, urgent care, we offer same-day visits to everyone. This means that, for a variety of different medical emergencies, our patients are able to come in, see a doctor or nurse with little to no waiting time, and get any diagnostic testing or labs (such as blood testing and cultures) done expediently. We are proud to have on-site laboratory services, which enable us to do our own testing and receive results quickly. These results can then be used by our doctors and nurses to make a diagnosis and provide treatment or create a treatment plan in the same visit.

As we are open 24/7, you never have to worry about visiting within office hours. We are always available to give you the care that you need. It is recommended that you check in online, however, to ensure that you see a medical professional as quickly as possible. We are equipped to treat a variety of ailments and emergencies, including:


Our testing facilities can measure cholesterol levels (HDL and LDL), platelet levels, and blood cell counts, among other standard pieces of information provided by blood tests. We can also perform diagnostic tests and do cultures to detect or rule out certain diseases or medical conditions. These include cancer testing, allergy testing, breathing tests, and skin tests. For cardiac issues, we are able to perform EKGs to detect issues in the heart. We can also conduct a cardiac enzyme analysis to detect heart attacks. This type of test can be particularly useful to check the functioning of the heart of a patient who has undergone a bypass graft surgery or angioplasty.

Once the problem has been addressed, whether it was a burn or break or an internal issue, our doctors will prescribe the necessary medications to start you on your road to recovery. Our on-site pharmacy comes in handy in these cases, as it allows you to get the medicine you need without making an additional stop. At Community Health 1st ER, we really put your needs first!

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