Mar 25, 2020

Community Health 1st ER Pledges $10,000 to support Harris County and local communities in response to COVID-19 business closings. Serve the Servers Initiative COVID-19 is a relief campaign to help raise funds.

Help us serve those who serve us!

In an effort to address the hardships our servers will now face from being unemployed, and to bring awareness to their need, Community Health 1st ER pledges $10,000 to jump-start what they call the “Serve the Servers” initiative for Harris county and local communities.

Harris County emergency officials announced on Monday, March 16, 2020 all dining and social establishments have been ordered to close for 15 days in an effort to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

The closure of these establishments means that vital members of our community are no longer able to earn wages and take home tips. Money raised will go toward helping relieve some of the financial strain servers living in our communities will face in light of slow business, decreased hours, and restaurant closings as our city responds to the novel coronavirus.

“We’re seeing the profound effect the COVID-19 response is having in our community, so we’re compelled to assist financially,” said Jay Mackey, CEO of Community Health 1st ER. “We want to inspire other businesses to help support our community in this time of need. The potential economic burden is going to be felt by a vast number of our community members who rely on a weekly or bi-weekly paycheck. I hope that during this time of need, other businesses will join us in our efforts.”

For more information on Serve the Servers Initiative and to join Community Health 1st ER in the effort to raise funds, please contact immediately.

Jay Mackey


Community Health 1st ER


If you or someone you know feels compelled to help us serve the community we invite you to visit our GoFund me page “Serve the Server” or

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