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Managing Chronic Back Pain

Although it may seem that you’re the only one suffering from debilitating pain, the truth is that doctors at urgent care in Deer Park work with patients like you every day who seek help for chronic back pain relief. Defining Chronic Back Pain It’s not uncommon for someone to experience some form of back pain […]

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When Is Chest Pain Dangerous?

Introduction Chest pain is an extremely common presenting complain in virtually all healthcare settings and can be caused by a wide range of conditions which range from musculoskeletal disorders to potentially life-threatening issues like ischemic heart disease. Chest pain comprises approximately 5-10% of all emergency department visits. In this article, we will be reviewing the […]

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Out Of Breath – When To Seek Help

Introduction Shortness of breath or dyspnea is a common symptom that affects almost 25% of patients who present to the emergency department. It can arise from a bevy of conditions and is occasionally a manifestation of a serious underlying disease. Some of these underlying conditions are life-threatening, which warrants a prompt evaluation and targeted diagnostic […]

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It’s All In Your Head! When Is A Headache Dangerous?

Approximately 2 million patients present to United States emergency departments annually, with a primary headache disorder. This presents 2 challenges to emergency departments. First, immediate life-threatening causes of headaches must be excluded. Second, safe, effective and rapid treatment of the headache must be instituted, leading to a timely discharge and appropriate follow-up. This article will […]