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5 Ways to Prevent Workplace Accidents

Many people seeking urgent care in Deer Park, Texas, resulting from workplace accidents. Injuries to workers are costly for businesses not only in workers’ compensation premiums but in the seeking and the training of temporary workers while the permanent employee recovers. The doctors and the team of medical healthcare professionals at Community Health 1st ER, […]

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What In the Blazes?

Introduction The stubborn blaze at International Terminals Co. (ITC) in Deer Park has been raging for the past 4 days, as health concerns emerge from anxious Houston-area residents in the vicinity. Plumes of dark fire smoke have been sighted emerging from the chemical tanks which have been engulfed by the blaze. While the skies have […]

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4 Steps for Better Men’s Health

Every June, of every year, is Men’s Health Month and celebrated across the United States. If you are young or old, during Men’s Health Month is the time to encourage and educate everyone in promoting preventable health issues and their solutions. Community Health 1st ER believes in early detection, lifestyle changes, and treatment that can […]

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When Should I Stay Home?

Do you think you are coming down with the symptoms of the flu or a cold? Are you wondering if you are contagious and should you go to work? When Should You Stay Home? It is recommended by the Center for Disease Control that if you are sick (and especially if it is during the […]